Scream when you see a shoe

A  small  town, let it be,

For the people lived  ordinary,

‘C’ was not a revolutionary, 

Spent his days in a factory.

Photo by Bruno Cervera on

Grease was his friend,

Grime was his hand,

He liked to pretend,

That nothing could offend.

A good position he was,

his old mother had a big nose;

To thrust into any place,

And he had two children with a mighty face.

Walking to the way home,

He noticed a Building’s first stones,

The thread was stretched wide and strong,

‘A rich’s mansion’ a thought shone.

Little did he knew that was a showroom,

A shoe showroom,

Near the children’s schoolroom.

Glittering shiny shoes those were,

no wonder who would wear,

He said ‘We people never like shoes, never’.

From a fully grown adult to a child,

Asked for the pride,

That those shoes provide,

His children cried.

A shoe showroom came,

It gave them fame,

It brought a busy train ;

Of corporate and multiple chains.

One thing he wishes he could have done,

Scream when he saw those shoes,

And told ghost resided in them,

For he hated to be a 


Categorized as Poems

By scribblerstad

Hi friends, this is me trying to write stories that feel and inspire. Hope you like my stories and if you do like please share your opinions and also feel free to comment or criticize. I am all ears for a constructive comment. Thank you friends


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